"My mother was 88. She had brain damage from a fall, and she never did come out of it. She got worse each day. She'd spent 7 weeks in the hospital. We stayed with her 24 hours a day, we didn't leave her. There was always somebody there. We spent the hurricane at the hospital. I had hurt my foot, there was no way I could exchange places with my sister, so I spent four days and four days in the .. More

...Daughter & Family

"Everyone did a wonderful job. Special thanks to the nurses and aides. They were great to us. Everyone was so kind and compassionate. ".. More

...Daughter & Family

"On behalf of our family, especially our mother, we would like to thank you for the professional way you took care of our mother and the kindness of your hearts when we needed it the most. Thank you very much. Thank you to all the nurses, aides, social worker and doctors that make this great organization work this way.".. More

...Daughter & Family

"My mom went into congestive heart failure when we got back from being evacuated after Hurricane Katrina. She was 90 years old. The hospital wanted to go into all kinds of surgeries, do all these heroic things, but she was not looking to have stomach tubes inserted or colon surgery. Somewhere along the line someone suggested Hospice Associates, and they were absolutely incredible. I don't know.. More

...Daughter and Family

"We started using Hospice Associates services in June 2005. My mother was very ill at the hospital and not getting well. They were keeping her alive on an IV. She had gone into the hospital around March, and they were letting her go home. She had blood clots in both legs, so we thought she wasn't ready to come home, but they put her in a wheelchair and discharged her. When we got to the p.. More

...Daughter and Family

"My mother had lymphoma. It was hard, because I had double knee surgery two years ago and had lots of health problems myself. The hospital told us about hospice, and they were unbelievable. They were fantastic. Anytime I needed anything, I would call, and they would tell me what to do. They were really good about helping me bathe my mother, things like that. Toward the end, when my mother.. More

...Daughter and Family

"It means a lot to us to know that your thoughts were with us in our loss. We'd also like to thank you for the lovely card that you send as an expression of your condolences as well as taking such good care of our mom before she passed. It is the thoughtfullness of friends such as you that help us find strength in the days ahead as we think of and miss our Mom.".. More

...Daughter and Family

"Thank you very much for your concern for our family with the death of my beloved 93 year old mother. I am at "peace" knowing she is in heaven. Also we "thank God" for Hospice Associates! You have been like family to all of us and had us well prepared!".. More

...Daughter and Family

"A special thank you for the compassionate care and medical guidance you've given to my family and I. You have helped in ways you will never know. Again thanks and God bless each and every one of you.".. More

...Daughter and Family

"Words cannot express my gratitiude and thanks to you all for the wonderful things you did for me and my mother. I shall always remember every little single and big thing that each one of you did for me. May God continue to shine on each one of you, for truly you are Angles of God.".. More

...Daughter and Grandchildren

"Thank you for the love and support you gave our mother and our family during this difficult time. Words could never experss the gratitude we have for all you have done.".. More

...Daughter and Siblings

“Words cannot express how grateful our family is for the love and care your members have given to our family. Beginning with my mother for the past year to the three weeks you tended to our father. From everything you provided to tend to their physical needs, to all of the information given to help us take care of our parents. We were very touched by the representation your office for ou.. More

...Daugther and Family

"With deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks to every member of the staff that helped us in every way possible; we are very grateful. God bless all of you.".. More

...Patient of Hospice Associates and Spouse

"My Friends at Hospice Associates, I want to thank you for all the love and great care you gave to my beloved husband and to me. Many times I didn't think I could go on another day, but you kept me going. Thank you for being with us and sharing our sorrow.".. More

...Wife and Children

"Dear Hospice Friends, Thank you for the encouraging letters that you have sent me. I especially enjoyed the list of ideas on surviving the holiday season....I am also grateful for the good care you administed to my husband the last months of his life.".. More

...Wife of Hospice Associates Patient